There aren’t many things that look as sloppy as someone having to hike their pants up while walking because they don’t own or forgot to wear a belt. Once you properly equip yourself with a belt or get a few like normal people, you’ll need a place to store them. Having a belt organizer or rack can really up your fashion game and add flair to any outfit. Besides their required use to keep your pants up, they can add an accent to your style. Rather than rolling them up in a drawer or hanging them all from one hanger, take a look at these three options and class up your wardrobe.

Best Large Belt Organizer

With wide shelving, the Rubbermaid Configurations 30-Hook Tie and Belt Organizer boasts a lot of holding capacity. Made from titanium, it’s built to last and is durable. It fits easily on the Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Organizers, sliding and attaching quickly. There are 30 hooks for your belts, ties, and scarves, letting you maximize space in your closet. The lightweight component weighs less than two pounds but keeps your accessories easy to grab. The organizer slides out, so you can pick and choose your belt without having to rummage through the closet.

Best Hooks for a Belt Organizer

Equipped with different kinds of hooks to let you hang different types of accessories, the interDesign Classico Metal Tie Hanger offers versatility. It has seven straight hooks and seven curved hooks, allowing you the freedom to pick and choose what you want to hang where. Great for scarves, pashminas, belts, ties and shawls, it won’t take up much room in your closet as it measures 10.25″ x 3.75″ x 6.75″. The durable metal will remain solid for many years and there is no added hardware needed, as it can be hung on a closet rod or hook.

Best Value Belt Organizer

A great option, the Tenby Living Belt Rack, Organizer, Hanger, Holder is made from sturdy ABS plastic. It has 14 slots to securely hold your belts, allowing more room in your drawers and closet. You can balance the rack by organizing things from left to right and it is a stylish way to keep your things together. It only weighs 6.4 ounces but can hold a lot more. It has a hook on the top, making it easy to store on a closet hanger rod. It packs a lot of punch for a solid value.