Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but T-Mobile will ship a hot new Samsung phones a few days before its actual launch. In this case, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note 8 that’s currently available to preorder from every major American carrier and electronics retailer, T-Mobile included. But the “uncarrier” has permission to launch the phone a few days sooner than it’s supposed to.

T-Mobile is contacting the customers who have preordered the handset to tell them the order “is being packed and will begin shipping soon.” According to TmoNews, we’re looking at a tentative ship date of September 13th for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 8. That means you may get to unpack and use the phones earlier than you’re supposed to.

As a reminder, T-Mobile sells the Galaxy Note 8 for $929.99 outright or $210 followed by 24 installments of $30 each. Yes, the handset is pretty expensive, so the financing offer might be the way to go. What’s important to remember is that customers who preorder the phone before September 24th get a free accessory bundle from Samsung, either the Gear 360 Camera or the 128GB microSD card and a wireless charging accessory. Yes, the latter is the more appealing package, if you ask me.

That also means you still have time to see the iPhone 8 unveiled before placing your Galaxy Note 8 preorder with T-Mobile, or anyone else. Apple is expected to hold its annual iPhone event on September 12th.