Sony and Hitachi are reportedly working with Apple on a 4-inch display for an iOS device presumed to be the next-generation iPhone set to launch next year. Citing unnamed sources within Apple’s Asian supply chain, reports that the two suppliers have teamed up to begin preliminary production of Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone displays. The two companies are also said to be working on a “fundamentally changed” display for Apple’s iPad 4. As Apple’s legal battles with Samsung continue, the Cupertino, California-based company has reportedly looked to a number of new parts suppliers as it distances itself from Samsung. Apple had been Samsung’s top parts customer, rumored to be spending approximately $7.8 billion on Samsung components in 2011 alone. Apple is said to have made a series of investments in display manufacturing plants owned by Sharp, which is expected to be partnering with Apple on its upcoming HDTV and may also supply Apple with displays for its upcoming iPad 3 tablet.