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iPhone 5

iOS 10 Update

The next version of iOS officially abandons the iPhone 5

April 12th, 2017

A forthcoming update to iOS 10 will reportedly leave the venerable iPhone 5 and forgettable iPhone 5c on the sidelines. When Apple rolls out the next incremental update to iOS 10 — iOS 10.3.2 to be exact — the software update will only be able to run on devices that feature a 64-bit processor. In …

iOS 10 vs. iOS 9.3.5: iPhone 6s 6 SE 5s 5

Is iOS 10 faster than iOS 9?

September 14th, 2016

iOS 10 is out and you should be able to install it on any iPhone or iPad made in the past few years. But is it worth upgrading to iOS 10 on older iPhones? Will the new operating system bring any performance issues, as we’ve seen in the past with similar upgrades? A video comparison …

iPhone 4s 5 iOS 9.2.1 Update

iOS 9.2.1 finally ‘fixes’ your old iPhone 4s and iPhone 5

January 21st, 2016

Apple said that iOS 9 will bring performance improvements to all iOS devices, including older models that were slowed down by the iOS 8 update. However, when all said and done, it turned out that iOS 9 wasn’t able to dramatically increase overall speed, no matter how much optimization it underwent. Various early tests showed …

iPhone Flir One Case ATM

This iPhone case makes it easier than ever for thieves to steal your ATM PIN

September 1st, 2014

In light of this weekend’s massive celebrity photo leak, mobile security is bound to be a major topic of discussion in the weeks to come. How can we keep our private data safe if actors and actresses whose lives often revolve around keeping things private are this vulnerable? With the amount of information we store on our phones, in our …

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5 Image Comparison

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5: Fresh comparison shows Apple’s huge design overhaul

August 25th, 2014

A newly leaked set of images supposedly showing the iPhone 6 next to the existing iPhone 5, reveals – yet again – the huge design differences between Apple’s upcoming smartphone and the 2012 version. Gizmobic has obtained a large collection of images of the two devices, showing the iPhone 6 mockup and the iPhone 5 from all …

Apple Certified Refurbished eBay Store

Pick up a refurbished iPhone 5 at Apple’s hidden eBay factory outlet

July 8th, 2014

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy an unlocked iPhone 5, here’s your chance. AppleInsider discovered the iPhone-centric Factory Outlet eBay Store over the weekend, a hidden subsection of the popular bidding site dedicated to refurbished certified iPhone 5 models, complete with a 1-year warranty from Apple, burn-in testing, a new package with manual …

iPhone 5 Resale Value

Looking to upgrade your old iPhone 5? Don’t trade it in at an Apple Store

July 2nd, 2014

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone phablet are expected to be significantly larger than the company’s current smartphones. Millions of customers will be delighted by the fact that they can now purchase an iPhone with a bigger display, but millions more don’t want a larger smartphone. For them, now may be the perfect time to …

iPhone 5 Third-Party Chargers

Cheap third-party chargers could kill your iPhone

June 20th, 2014

It’s true what they say about getting what you pay for, especially when it comes to electronics. The team of repair specialists at mendmyi in the UK have recently been receiving far more iPhone 5 repairs than they are used to. Every iPhone 5 owner had the same complaint: the device wouldn’t recharge after the battery died. The screen wouldn’t …