If the latest NPD report is to be believed, then yes. It really should not be a surprise, however. There are multiple Android devices scurried across every major carrier in the U.S. alone, and in addition to be priced very competitively, Verizon’s BOGO has no doubt moved quite a few units. NPD’s consumer research data comes from self-reported online consumer surveys and it does not include corporate sales information which will most likely change some of these numbers. Regardless, the actual split in terms of U.S. smartphone share, as reported, has RIM at 36%, Google Android at 28%, and Apple coming in at 21%. Apple hasn’t released a new model since June of last year, and we can’t help but think some of those tech-savvy people out there (BGR readers) are just holding off, but you have to give it to Android this time around — the Android Army has spoken.