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PSA: Do not preorder this $1,200 holographic Android phone

The smartphone business is a very competitive landscape, where newcomers have a tough time challenging traditional handset makers. That’s why I’d advise you not to preorder “the world’s first holographic media machine in >>

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G's four colors pictured

It looks like blog CellPhone Signal got their hands on several images of T-Mobile’s yet-to-be-released myTouch 4G HSPA+ set and all its color variants. As originally announced by T-Mobile, the device will be available in >>

New Chocolate BL20 debuts on LG’s developer website

LG’s latest and greatest Chocolate offering is shaping up to be the entry level BL20 touch-enabled slider. Shots of handset adorned with its red keypad have been bouncing around for a while but >>