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AMD’s Ryzen threatens to destroy Intel’s gaming supremacy

Intel’s Core processors have long been the overwhelming favorite amongst PC gamers when compared to AMD’s alternatives. AMD’s chips have impressive specs of their own, and have been shown to outperform Intel’s hardware >>

Next year’s iMac will have one good thing going for it

Amidst the flurry of new MacBook Pro updates this autumn, one of Apple’s other old computers was forgotten. With the exception of a new screen, Apple’s iMac has sat unchanged since you did that >>

Now is an awful time to buy a new laptop

Black Friday is rapidly approaching, Microsoft and Apple have just shown off their laptop collections for the year, and there’s more nighttime in the winter to Netflix in bed. Ordinarily, this would be >>

BMW will mass produce a self-driving car by 2021

Tesla and Google aren’t the only companies working towards a future filled with self-driving cars. BMW earlier today boldly announced its plan to begin mass producing a self-driving car by 2021. As part >>