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Next wave of laptops will have 50% better battery life

Windows 8 hasn’t done much to entice people to upgrade their laptop and desktop computers, and PC makers are hurting as a result. While Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update might make the new platform >>

Expect more suffering for Microsoft and Intel in 2013

The PC industry is in shambles and no one is going to be hit harder than Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC), according to the latest forecasts from market research firm Canalys. Consumers continue >>

Intel shows off the tip of the Windows 8 iceberg

Intel’s chips have been at the center of the digital universe for an eternity in tech-years. Post-PC era or no post-pc era, millions upon millions of personal computers powered by Intel chips continue to >>

Intel claims Android is not ready for multi-core processors

Intel, one of the newest chipmakers to enter the Android scene, claimed that rival chip vendors have not done enough to optimise Android for multi-core processors, The Inquirer reported. While the majority of ARM-based >>