Is dirty electricity bad for you? This guy thinks so, and also has some grounding mats to sell you. Dirty electricity from your iPad is harming you; this permed snake oil salesman can save your life – BGR

YouTube exists, and this is why. You see, if it wasn’t for YouTube, there’s no way this guy would have been able to put together this video and share his life-saving insights with the world. From an iPad, to a Kindle, to just sitting in a room full of electronics, dirty electricity is all around us. And it’s dangerous. If you aren’t properly grounded, you’re exposing yourself to harmful radiation. The only way to save yourself? Go buy David Wolfe’s grounding mats, grounding sandals and grounding sleeping bags, hunker down, watch the video, and you too can be free from dirty electricity. Hit the break for a heaping dose of snake oil.

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