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Verizon adds free Mexico and Canada roaming to its cheapest ‘unlimited’ plan

Published Jan 19th, 2018 11:32PM EST
Verizon Go Unlimited vs Beyond Unlimited roaming
Image: Shutterstock

Verizon currently has two plans it calls “unlimited,” the $75-a-month Go Unlimited plan and the $85-a-month Beyond Unlimited plan. Neither plan is truly unlimited in the way that your home internet connection might be, but of the two, Beyond Unlimited is the best.

In addition to consistently faster data, Beyond Unlimited also includes free LTE data in Mexico and Canada, 15GB of LTE-speed hotspot data, and better-quality mobile streaming. As of next Friday, the Go Unlimited plan is getting a little more compelling, thanks to the inclusion of that free LTE data in Mexico and Canada for no extra cost.

Both new and existing Go Unlimited customers will get free talk, text and data in Mexico and Canada, up to a limit of 500MB per day at LTE speeds. If you hit that cap, you’ll be throttled to painfully slow 2G speeds until midnight EST the next day. Go Unlimited customers also get unlimited calling from the US to Mexico and Canada at no extra cost.

Thanks to this change, the only big difference remaining between Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited is consistently faster data (or what Verizon calls “premium” data). What that means in practice is that when Verizon’s network is congested, Go Unlimited customers will be deprioritized first, in favor of other customers. Beyond Unlimited customers should get consistently high-speed data until they hit a 22GB-per-month threshold, after which they’re subject to deprioritization like everyone else.