One of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises was to sort out the nation’s cybersecurity. Securing government and the private sector against money-seeking hackers and state-sponsored cyberwarfare is a serious issue, so when Trump promised to appoint a team “to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office,” we were pleasantly surprised.

Well, 90 days have come and gone, and as Politico delicately puts it: “There is no team, there is no plan, and there is no clear answer from the White House on who would even be working on what.”

The furthest Trump has got is appointing former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to a cybersecurity role. Giuliani was in charge of a cybersecurity firm after his stint in politics, but it’s unclear what his cybersecurity firm did, and it’s also unclear if he knows what a computer is or how they get hacked.

Giuliani has also confirmed that he’s not part of any kind of cybersecurity review team generating a 90-day plan. The kind of report Trump was talking about would normally fall under the purview of the National Security Council, but it has also confirmed that it’s not working on a plan. Perhaps it’s been added to Jared Kushner’s list, just after solving the Middle East.

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