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Meet the world’s smallest camera drone, which is now available to buy

Smallest Camera Drone

Call them drones, call them quadcopters, call them UAVs, or call them whatever else you want. The bottom line is that these little remote-controlled aerial toys are a blast to play with, and they have become wildly popular over the past few years. Along with hoverboards, drones were among the most popular gifts of this past holiday season — and they’re much less likely to burst into flames and burn your house down, which is always a good thing.

There are all different kinds of quadcopter drones out there these days, but a new offering from TRNDlabs is quickly going to make its way to the top of people’s lists. Why? Not only is it the smallest camera drone in the world, but it’s also very affordable and available to ship right now.

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TRNDlabs on Tuesday announced the launch of its anticipated SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera, which the company bills as the world’s smallest camera drone. The tiny device measures 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.87 inches and weighs less than half an ounce.

The company says that its new drone model is capable of performing fun aerial flips, rolls and tumble tricks with ease, and the built-in camera records the action the entire time. The camera is rated at 0.3 megapixels so it won’t be able to record video of the same quality as pricier professional-grade drone models, but the footage should be more than clear enough to enjoy on a tablet or smartphone. Recorded video is stored on a microSD card, and the unit ships with a 2GB memory card in the box.

Here’s a video of the SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera in action:

And here are some key details from the drone’s product page:

  • CAMERA WITH VIDEO – a front mounted 300,000 pixel camera with video recording capabilities means you can capture all of your high flying adventures as you flip through the air with the SKEYE Nano Drone! With the camera, LED lights allowing for night flying (not to mention, adding a cool factor!), the SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera is everything you want in a drone!
  • DYNAMIC – The SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera is not only equipped with Ready to Fly (RTF) technology, it includes 3 flying levels! Throw this drone in the air and begin flying using the controller to control your drone’s flight. With its adjustable gyro sensitivity, it can be set to beginner, mid-level or expert for the ultimate precision control. Fly your drone up to 160 feet away and record its epic journey with its powerful camera!
  • EXCITING ACROBATICS – This ultra compact drone weighs less than an ounce and measures just 1.5in from blade to blade. With its light weight and amazing acrobatic capability, the SKEYE Nano Drone can flip, roll and tumble through the sky with effortless grace.
  • PRODUCT PARTICULARS – In addition to the SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera and its 2.4GHZ, 4-channel controller, we include a 2GB MicroSD card and card reader so you can start flying and filming right away, 3.7V 120mAh battery, USB charging cable, 4 replacement rotor blades and a User Guide. All you need to add are 2 AAA batteries for the controller, and you’ll be ready to fly. Charging takes 30 minutes, and we’ve optimized the software to give you 3-4 minutes of flight time on each charge.
  • FLY WITH QUALITY: At TRNDlabs, we take the time to ensure each product we sell meets our stringent standards for quality and durability. The SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera is no exception. Plus, we include a one-year hardware replacement warranty. Simply contact us, and we’ll send you a new drone that is at least functionally equivalent to the original. That’s doing business the TRNDlabs way. Ready to get flying? Order your Drone today, and see what happens with your hands on the sticks!

TRNDlabs’ new SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera is available for purchase immediately for $69, which includes free Prime shipping on Amazon.

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