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Extensive Galaxy S8+ drop test brings good and bad news

April 7th, 2017 at 8:51 AM
Galaxy S8 Plus vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Drop Test Video

A few days ago, we saw a first Galaxy S8 drop test, and the results weren’t too inspiring. The conclusion seemed to be that you will need to hide the gorgeous design beneath protective gear like cases and screen protectors. The glass-sandwich design on the Galaxy S8 can obviously break during accidental drops, so you have to prepare yourself mentally for such outcomes.

However, a second, more thorough drop test shows there’s hope for your Galaxy S8’s fate following a fall.

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro used a Galaxy S8+ and an iPhone 7 Plus (red version) in an extensive drop test that looks at various scenarios.

The Galaxy S8+ glass didn’t break as fast as it did in the previous test. Or better said, the front glass was able to withstand a lot more drops. The rear, however, wasn’t as lucky and shattered almost immediately. The good news here is that you might prevent breaks by using some sort of protection for the rear shell.

The shorter the distance to the ground and the softer the surface, the better the outcome. Obviously.

The iPhone 7 Plus, meanwhile, delivered expected results. Because it has an aluminum shell, it’s able to deal with most drops better than the Galaxy S8. However, the same factors — the height of the drop and the surface — will obviously impact the outcome.

It goes without saying that smartphones are not accident-proof devices, not even the brand new Galaxy S8 phones that look so incredible and are supposed to be pretty durable. And while these drop tests will show you what can happen, it doesn’t mean every drop is the same, and these first drop test videos prove exactly that.

Check out EverythingApplePro’s clip below, while the previous test is available at this link.

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