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Crazy torture test video shows how durable the Galaxy S8 really is

Published Apr 6th, 2017 11:54AM EDT
galaxy s8 test
Image: TechRax

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a pretty great looking smartphone, and with its curved glass and edge-to-edge display it might be hard for a new S8 owner to cover up its gorgeous body with a pesky plastic case. A new durability test, courtesy of the always popular YouTuber TechRax, suggests that even if you can’t bring yourself to encase your new S8 or S8+, it can stand up to some pretty serious abuse just fine all on its own.

In the video, a brand new S8+ heroically brushes off a rather harsh assault from both a large knife and a hammer. Eventually the rear glass panel gives way to the knife, but only after some very firm, repeated stabs right in its vulnerable midsection, while the display on the front impressively endures many, many firm hammer strikes before finally caving in. What’s perhaps even more impressive is that, even after the front display had a huge hammer hole right in its center, the rest of the screen still functioned perfectly fine, including the touchscreen controls.

As is always the case with these types of videos, there’s very little chance your phone is going to be going up against this specific type of abuse. In most cases a scratch on the screen is going to be the result of sliding into your pocket next to a set of keys rather than a knife attack, but it’s nice to know that Samsung’s newest flagship device can stand up to its fair share of abuse all on its own.