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Coronavirus US

TSA is making 3 changes to stop coronavirus from spreading on planes

May 22nd, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus’ US impact continues to be felt far and wide, with few industries impacted by the outbreak of the pandemic as much as hospitality and travel. As Americans gear up to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, some travelers will want to get out of the house finally — and, more specifically, to actually …

Airline electronics ban

All personal electronics bigger than a cellphone prohibited from certain US-bound flights

March 21st, 2017

Passengers on US-bound flights from 10 Middle-Eastern airports will not be allowed any electronics bigger than a cellphone on the plane, according to an emergency security amendment being rolled out by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today. Under the order, portable electronics such as laptops, tablets, e-readers, portable DVD players (which apparently still exist to …

TSA Randomizer App Cost

The TSA paid $1.4 million for an app that takes 10 minutes to develop

April 5th, 2016

If you’ve flown across the country at any point in the past couple of years, you’ve probably come into contact with the Transportation Security Administration’s Randomizer app on the iPad. It’s an incredibly simplistic app that decides which lane you’re going to stand in while you wait to pass through security. What you might not …