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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe finally released the first version of Photoshop for the iPad

November 4th, 2019

After more than a year of anticipation, Adobe today finally introduced a version of its iconic Photoshop app for the iPad. The app was built using the same codebase as the desktop version, which is to say that iPad users will not have to worry about file conversions, funky import/export issues, or degradation in photo …

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe is finally bringing full Photoshop to iPad

October 15th, 2018

Adobe didn’t waste any time giving attendees of its Adobe MAX conference something to cheer about on Monday, as the software company announced that Photoshop CC is finally coming to iPad. This isn’t a scaled-down version of the app, but rather the full Photoshop experience ported directly to a new device. “Photoshop CC on the …

new photoshop features

This Adobe algorithm can steal any photo’s ‘style,’ and it’s incredible

March 31st, 2017

Adobe’s Photoshop editing software is already the undisputed standard in image manipulation, but if a new, in-development photo feature becomes part of the standard toolkit, it’s going to completely blow everything else out of the water. Researchers from Adobe and Cornell have partnered to create what they call “Deep Photo Style Transfer,” which essentially steals …

Adobe Photoshop update

Adobe’s AI editor could make anyone a Photoshop pro

January 11th, 2017

Adobe Photoshop is a ridiculously powerful GIF maker/photo editor, if you have a thousand hours to invest in online tutorials. While Photoshop professionals might not like it, Adobe obviously wants to make Photoshop as noob-friendly as possible — and that doesn’t just mean more magic Auto-Fill features. Adobe Research’s newest project is a voice-based digital …

Photoshop Content-Aware Crop

Photoshop’s latest trick must use black magic

May 26th, 2016

I’ve always assumed that Photoshop uses some kind of alien technology to pull off the content-filling tricks that it’s best known for. But to get this new feature working, someone at Adobe definitely sacrificed a baby goat or two to the devil.