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Feast your eyes on over 150 photos that, incredibly, were not Photoshopped at all

not photoshopped

There’s nothing worse than seeing what you believe to be a really gorgeous photo only to find out that it’s been heavily altered in Photoshop or some other manipulation tool. Bored Panda put together an absolutely massive list of images that are both jaw-dropping and totally untouched by digital tools, and it’s a great way to waste the last few minutes — or hours really — of your work day.

There’s some of the usual fare here, like the classic “boat looks like it’s floating” or “crazy clouds look like cotton,” and of course the “plane stuck in a water droplet,” but with 166 images on offer, there’s definitely plenty here that you’ve never seen before. Most of the photos have been pulled from Imgur, Facebook, or Reddit, and links to their sources are provided in case you want to do any fact checking on the claims that they are untouched.

Here’s a neat one, which was achieved by perfectly arranging leaves around the base of a tree:

This photo of frozen methane bubbles in a lake is also pretty striking:

Then there’s this macro of a snowflake that is most definitely part of the Imperial war machine:

Of course, it’s always hard to say with 100% certainty whether or not a photo has been digitally altered in any way. Even the most basic set of photo manipulation tools can produce some pretty convincing results, so you should always take too-good-to-be-true photos with at least a small grain of salt.