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How to Delete Your Instagram Account

June 21st, 2022

Letting go of your Instagram account might not be as easy as you think. Mainly because Instagram offers many benefits that you might not even realize. Great photo filters, secure direct messages, and much more. But, if you want to know how to delete your Instagram account, you have come to the right place. As …

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How to see the first photo you ever liked on Instagram

May 29th, 2022

Instagram will celebrate its 12th birthday this year, which is just as staggering to think about for the service’s users as for the product itself. Think about when you first joined, years ago, and how much life you’ve lived since then. Marriage, kids, new job, personal growth — it’s likely you’re a completely different person …

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How to Reply to a Message on Instagram

May 27th, 2022

How do you reply to a message on Instagram? Ever since Instagram was acquired by Facebook (now Meta) in 2012, it has undergone a lot of physical and functional changes. Several features have been added, including the Instagram Direct messaging feature. Instagram Direct was introduced to Instagram in 2013, and it has become one of …


How to View Instagram Stories without an Account

May 27th, 2022

Do you want to view Instagram Stories without an account? Perhaps because you want to retain some anonymity. No problem! This article will show you how to do it. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Keep reading for instructions on how to view Instagram stories without an account. What are Instagram …


How to log in to Instagram through Facebook

May 26th, 2022

How do you log in to Instagram through Facebook? When Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012, many people expected that a ton of Facebook features would be coming to Instagram. What they might not have foreseen is being able to log in to Instagram through Facebook. Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook offers a …


How to find liked posts on Instagram

May 26th, 2022

How do you find previously liked posts on Instagram? Instagram, one of the trendiest photo-sharing social media apps on the planet, lets you like pictures and videos posted by other users. But perhaps you accidentally refreshed your Instagram home page, or maybe you wanted to see a previously liked post. How do you find it? …

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Spice up your Instagram feed with music and Reels

May 20th, 2022

Instagram is one of the top social media sites and apps available. People make full-time livings on Instagram these days. Throughout the years, the platform has added great features and has also become an e-commerce landscape. It’s even looking to get into NFTs. From launching video chat for the masses to letting people record videos …

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Instagram’s chronological feed is back – here’s how to enable it

March 24th, 2022

The latest update for Instagram finally brings back the beloved chronological feed, as well as a new favorites feed. Instagram’s chronological feed has been missing for several years now. The company removed it in 2016. However, it began testing a new version of the feed in January. Now that it’s back officially, Instagram users can …

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Facebook and Instagram want a piece of the NFT action

January 20th, 2022

Coinbase and Mastercard announced a partnership earlier this week to make non-fungible tokens (NFT) more accessible to the masses. Specifically, the two companies want to let buyers purchase NFTs with real money, which is a lot easier than learning how to use digital tokens to do it. But having Facebook’s parent company Meta embrace NFT …