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Has the FCC ban on loud TV commercials worked?

It has been a year since the CALM Act was officially implemented and promised to curb the volume on those raucous commercials that manage to eke out an extra few decibels from your >>

T-Mobile laughs at iPhone 4’s lack of 4G

At this point, it’s looking like few people actually care about T-Mobile’s “4G” network, real or fake. The carrier continues to push its HSPA+ network online and in television commercials as the main >>

Palm cuts ties with advertising agency

You know those God awful Palm Pre ads you haven’t been able to escape from for the past year? Well it looks like they’re going to go away for good because it has >>

Bell launches the Pre, wishes it had launched the iPhone

Behold, ladies and gentlemen: Bell’s new iPhone! No wait, it’s a pPhone. No… The Palm PrePhone? At this point, we’re wondering if there’s a worldwide (or at least North America-wide) conspiracy amongst creative >>