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earthworm in fresh wet soil,

Snake-like jumping worms are invading the US

April 5th, 2022

Worms are interesting creatures. Some worms can even regrow their brains if needed. But, an invasive jumping worm has started appearing in more than a dozen states throughout the Midwest. The worms are originally from eastern Asia, and they’ve spread across 15 states so far, according to reports from the Smithsonian Magazine. But why are …

magnetic robot slime

This robot made of magnetic slime is gross, but brilliant

April 4th, 2022

Scientists have managed to make a magnetic slime that looks disgusting but is actually quite astounding, if not a tad creepy. The slime is made from a blend of a polymer called polyvinyl alcohol, borax, and magnet particles. It’s an interesting combination that scientists hope to one day be able to use inside of the …

Earth in space

Researchers solved the mystery of super-fast ‘electron rain’ that pours down on Earth

April 1st, 2022

Scientists at UCLA have uncovered a new source of super-fast electrons that rain down on the Earth. When interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere, these electrons create beautiful phenomena like the Northern Lights. However, scientists say they also pose a significant threat to spacecraft, satellites, and astronauts. The scientists combined data captured by UCLA’s ELFIN satellites …