A year ago, T-Mobile started a loyalty program designed to ‘thank’/bribe its loyal customers. The idea is that every Tuesday, T-Mobile partners with companies to give people freebies or coupons, all in the name of thanking.

The company is making a big deal out of the #brand #engagement that T-Mobile Tuesdays has driven on social media, so it’s throwing a big one-year-birthday party for its loyalty program. Regardless of how you feel about T-Mobile or its CEO, it’s hard to complain about free stuff.

The big giveaway is next Tuesday, June 6th. T-Mobile will be giving away free trucker hats at T-Mobile stores, $0.25 off Shell gas, and free movie rentals from Redbox. There’s also a lineup of big prizes, like free concert tickets and smartphones, that’ll be raffled off.

In addition to next week’s day of freebies, T-Mobile is also running a couple promotions all summer long:

This summer, T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer tickets to FOUR of this summer’s hottest movies for just $4 bucks, less than half the price of the average movie ticket. Today, customers get access to the opening weekend for this summer’s biggest super heroine film, when they open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Your ticket is valid any day through opening weekend. Other movies will be announced later this summer.

On one of the four T-Mobile Tuesdays in June, every T-Mobile customer will get FREE Baskin-Robbins ice cream up to $4 in value (so be sure to check your app each week so you don’t miss out). In addition, every week in June, every customer can get a second Baskin-Robbins sundae for just $0.99 when they buy one at regular price. And on June 6th, everyone will also have a chance to win FREE Baskin-Robbins ice cream for an ENTIRE YEAR for themselves and three lucky friends.

The prizes and T-Mobile Tuesdays freebies are available to any T-Mobile customer on a monthly plan, regardless if it’s prepaid or postpaid.

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