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Two Pokemon Go players helped catch an attempted murder suspect while hunting Pokemon

Pokemon Go Crime Stoppers

Who says that Pokemon Go isn’t a force for good in the world?

According to a report from the Orange County Register, two Pokemon Go players helped police catch a man wanted on suspicion of attempted murder while they were out walking around their neighborhood on Tuesday morning.

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Seth Ortega, one of the two men involved in the occurrence, says that he was hunting for Pokémon with his roommate Javier Soch before Spanish class at Fullerton Community College. At some point, Soch’s game froze (a common issue for Pokemon Go players), which is when he looked up to see a woman and her children running from a man “dressed in peculiar attire.”

“[Soch’s] looking up and that’s when he gives me a nudge and says, ‘Hey, what’s going on,'” Ortega remembers. “When we look up in their direction all we see is the mother and her children running across the street away from him.”

Ortega and Soch approached the man and tried to point him in the direction of the police station, where he might be able to find help, but he continued to lurk around the park, approaching women and children.

Once Ortega and Soch (who happened to be Marine Corps veterans) realized that the man wasn’t going to stop, they called the authorities and stayed with the man until police arrived on the scene.

“When you think ‘Pokemon Go,’ the worst thing you think of is someone walking out in the street or bumping into a sign,” Ortega said after the incident had concluded. “Just definitely not expecting to find this guy.”

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