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Startling videos capture the massive explosion that just rocked Beirut

Beirut Explosion
  • A massive explosion rocked the city of Beirut, Lebanon on the afternoon of August 4th.
  • The explosion, which was reportedly an accident and not an act of terrorism or war, was captured in a series of videos on social media that have since gone viral.

At least two explosions including one massive blast rocked the city of Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday afternoon. According to reports from Lebanese media, the fire and resulting explosions were not acts of terrorism or war, but rather an accident in a large warehouse that housed fireworks.

This news is still breaking and it is currently unclear whether there were any serious injuries or fatalities that resulted from the huge blast.

The second and larger of the two explosions was captured on video by several people who then shared the startling explosion that sent an enormous plume of smoke up into the sky. Witnesses nearby report that buildings in the surrounding area sustained damage from the shockwave created by the blast, and windows all around were shattered.

UPDATE: Lebanese authorities say the welding of a door in the facility caused sparks that ended up igniting 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate that was being housed in the building, which caused the blast. At least 100 people were killed by the explosion, and more than 4,000 were injured.

A breaking AP report has additional information.

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