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I can’t stop watching this hilarious 79-year-old grandmother play ‘Skyrim’

79-Year-Old Grandmother Plays Skyrim Videos

Gaming: It’s not just for kids anymore. Shirley Curry, a 79-year-old grandmother, has set up a YouTube channel to show off her gaming skills and right now she’s doing an epic playthrough of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that I just can’t stop watching.

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On her page, Curry says that she just “had a beast of a gaming computer built” and “can now play like a Boss!” She started her Skyrim playthrough back in September and she’s since amassed a subscriber count of over 100,000 users. She says that she tends to avoid doing the main quests in the game and instead most enjoys “travelling across the country, looking in all the caves, discovering new places, fighting, killing things and looting.” Because of this, she’s made a character who’s a nomadic Khajiit merchant who travels around the country looking for and selling treasure instead of a Dragonborn hero destined to save the world.

Here’s her first video where she goes through the giant Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon:

Here she is fighting and killing her first dragon:

Here she is acquiring a horse:

Here’s her most recent video where she dies a lot:

At any rate, stuff like this is why I love the Internet. You can check out Shirley’s full YouTube Skyrim channel for yourself at this link.

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