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Best mouse pad for gaming in 2022

Published Apr 21st, 2022 3:00AM EDT
Image: SteelSeries/Amazon

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If you’re a true PC gamer, you know you need the equipment to compete. You probably have spent a decent amount getting your setup just the way you prefer. Having the right setup can have a huge impact on what you do and how you perform. Not only do you need to have the right PC, mouse, keyboard, and monitor, but you also need one other piece of equipment. You may not think much of it, but a mouse pad for gaming is another essential piece to your gaming puzzle.

You may not realize it, but pro gamers do use mouse pads. They absolutely matter and will add to your experience, especially if you’re playing competitively. They may not be a necessary component of your gaming rig, but they can play a part for you. The smooth gliding on a mouse pad will improve your accuracy. Trying to figure out which one to get? Read on to see who we picked for the best mouse pad for gaming.

What mouse pad is best for gaming?

Read on to see our pick.

Is a gaming mouse pad worth it?

If you find the right one, it can make a difference. Some of the features you can find in a best mouse pad for gaming choice are that it charges your wireless mouse, has RGB lighting to make a more immersive experience, or just makes it easier to slide a mouse over.

Does mousepad affect aim?

For those playing First Person Shooter games, or FPS, the mousepad can allow you to move the mouse more smoothly. But it shouldn’t affect your aim too much.

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface – XL RGB Prism Cloth

Rating: 4.5 Stars
A look at the mouse pad with keyboards
BGR may receive a commission

Best mouse pad for gaming: SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface – XL RGB Prism

A look at the mouse pad with keyboards
SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface Image source: SteelSeries/Amazon

Pros: Easy setup for in-game lighting, micro woven cloth for accuracy

Cons: Different sizes can offer different gaming results

Our favorite best mouse pad for gaming is the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface – XL RGB Prism. Partially because we like the RGB lighting when you’re gaming but also because of its performance, this is a terrific option for any level of gamer. Pro gamers have used SteelSeries mouse pads for over 20 years. If you’re into RGB lighting, this has dynamic 2 zone RGB illumination and effects. It doesn’t take much time at all to set up your preferences for the in-game lighting.

You’ll also get discord notifications on top of the in-game lighting notifications. The exclusive QcK micro woven cloth will deliver maximum accuracy and control as you glide your mouse across it. This is offered in small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and 3XL. We preferred the XL which measures 35.43″ x 11.81″. There are other designs you can pick from, including Destiny 2, Neo Noir, or just thick or stitched edge. It’ll stay on top of your desk without moving. Depending on the game that you’re playing, you may need a different size mouse pad.

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Best big mouse pad for gaming: Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

The foam thickness
The Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Image source: Razer/Amazon

Pros: Ideal for low-sensitivity playstyles, micro-textured surface allows for precise pixel tracking

Cons: Not Chroma RGB enabled

Do you never want to run out of space? Then choose the Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. Choosing the 3XL option of this gives you nearly unlimited surface area. It is 47.28″ x 21.67″ x 0.16″ in size. Because it’s a large area, it reduces your need to lift your mouse up and reposition it. That also lets you stay in your game longer to focus on what you’re doing.

This features a micro-textured surface that allows for precise pixel tracking. This is calibrated for mouse sensors and the surface coating enables faster gameplay. The non-slip rubber base makes sure it won’t slide while you’re using it. The thick, high-density, rubber foam offers great consistency and durability. There are other sizes you can choose from as well. It isn’t Chroma RGB enabled like other Razer options are. So if that’s something that you either prefer or need, this may not be the right option.

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Most durable mouse pad for gaming: Corsair MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

How the mouse pad can be set up
Corsair MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Image source: Corsair/Amazon

Pros: Design for low friction tracking, zero slip

Cons: A bit thin, so your hands can hit the desk

Looking for the best gaming mouse pad that won’t fray? Then the Corsair MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is a great choice. The textile weave surface is designed for pixel-precise targeting and it offers low friction tracking. This won’t fray, as it has surrounded stitched edges that are against surface peeling. It is offered in a regular, more or less thin, thickness. But you can also get it in a thicker option if you don’t like the way the thinner one feels.

This is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice. It’s so durable because the anti-skid rubber base will not move, so you’re safe to move your mouse around as much as you want. This is available with RGB lighting and comes in different sizes as well. Pick your favorite color as well, if you don’t want to go with an RGB option. It also has a great discount at the moment if you hurry.

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Best cheap mouse pad for gaming: Blade Hawks RGB

A look at the mouse pad up close
Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Image source: Blade Hawks/Amazon

Pros: Great value, multiple modes to choose from

Cons: Plastic strip for the LEDs is on the side, which may throw some off

The Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad provides you with a lot of bang for the buck. This won’t set you back a lot and offers a large size, measuring 31.5″ x 12″. Keyboards and mice of almost any size will fit together on this pad. There is also ample space for phones, tablets, and more. It is made from natural rubber, so the anti-slip base keeps it firmly gripped to your desk.

The surface is waterproof on top of being smooth. This provides seven static modes and three dynamic modes, such as breathing mode and gradient mode. That allows you to get the lighting the way you want. The plastic strip where the LEDs are can be a bit raised, causing some issues on the edge. But for the price, you really can’t beat it. You can also get other versions that have embedded speakers. They obviously will cost more than this great value.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Best charging mouse pad: GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Seeing a desk setup with it
GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Image source: GIM/Amazon

Pros: Built-in 10W wireless charger, 10 customized lighting modes

Cons: Can’t charge newer iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones

If you like to have your phone near you while you’re gaming, the GIM Wireless Charging RGB Gaming Mouse Pad will keep the battery from dying. This has a built-in 10W wireless charger capable of fast charging. You can charge your iPhone 8/X/XR/XS/11/11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy 10/S9/S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 9/8, and all other Qi-enabled devices. There are three charging mode indicators, so you’ll know where your device stands. You won’t be able to charge newer iPhones or Galaxy phones, however. You also need to make sure the device is in the right spot to charge correctly. But once it is, you’ll be set.

This has 10 RGB LED lighting modes to give you a distinctive atmosphere while you’re gaming. The non-slip base is 4mm thick, so it won’t move anywhere while you’re using it. The smooth tracking surface is something you’ll really enjoy. The lighting modes turn on and off with a single push of a button. It ensures its shape stability.

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