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Is this the new MacBook Pro?

Updated 4 years ago

Yeah, we don’t think so either. According to some 3rd party T-Mobile retailer in Germany, the image above is a real, honest-to-goodness rendering of what the new Apple MacBook Pro’s will look like. The company claims to have some of the machines in stock already, sporting specs that link up identically to the current crop of MBPs. Seems a little fishy, right? Why Apple would release an entirely revamped line of machines without so much as a minor spec bump is beyond us, and the images look a little too similar to the rumored descriptions that have been floating around for months now. Furthermore, would T-Mobile Germany really be the ones to break the news? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Still, we suppose these could represent Apple’s next move, but something must have been lost in the translation if that’s the case. Any thoughts?


Born with a cell phone in one hand and a tablet in the other, Josh Karp has followed his love of technology through to the present day. As a Special Correspondent at BGR, Josh covers press conferences, trade shows and other events around the world. An expert in all things mobile, Josh has more than eight years of experience covering the wireless industry.