There’s no real evidence that Wi-Fi and LTE are dangerous for your health, but one woman out of a small town in the U.K. is taking drastic measures to protect herself from both wireless data technologies nonetheless. Stefanie Russell, 72, has spent thousands of pounds to block Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals from her house, as she claims that the signals cause nausea and headaches.

“I’ve not been diagnosed by a doctor but my GP surgery is aware of my condition. Every time I am near wi-fi or mobile phone signals I feel ill,” Russell told The Argus. “It makes it difficult for me to get around and see people. I don’t touch the internet or email – it’s not safe.”

Russell has spent £4,000 (USD $6,427) to hire specialists to cover her house in four coats of thick, ray-repelling paint.

“The painting inside and outside my house is nearly complete. I feel much better now I’m more protected,” she says. “I have a device which helps me to detect how many wireless signals are near and I’m reassured that I will not have unwanted wi-fi guests coming into my home.”

Her plan for protecting herself from electro-sensitivity doesn’t stop there. She also plans to appeal to local schools to warn of children of possible health risks from Wi-Fi with the help of St Andrew’s Church in Steyning.

“This is important – exposing them at an early age is essentially ‘cooking’ our children,” she claims.

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