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The one feature the Apple Watch needs more than any other

April 28th, 2015 at 4:30 PM
Apple Watch: Find Stolen or Lost

The Apple Watch’s biggest missing feature isn’t an Internet browser. Instead, it’s something more useful: a Find My Watch feature that should help you find an either lost or stolen device.

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Sure, it’s understandable why Apple can’t offer this particular functionality on the first-gen Watch. Once lost or stolen, the Watch is not paired with its iPhone anymore, and hence it can’t connect to anything. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS chip that could help Apple enable such a feature, so you won’t see it on a map via iCloud.

Yet, the Watch, on top of costing hundreds of dollars depending on chosen model, can also contain precious information including credit cards used for Apple Pay.

The only thing you can do if you’ve lost access to your Watch is to head to and remove your cards associated with Apple Pay.

Assuming thieves manage to get away with both your iPhone and Apple Watch, you might have a chance of finding them using the Find My iPhone iCloud app.

Naturally, you can take precautions to at least prevent sensitive data loss on the Watch by setting up a passcode for it. To do so, simply head to the My Watch app on the iPhone, visit the Passcode section and then Turn Passcode On, if you haven’t enabled it in the first place when setting up the watch (check the following image for visual queues).

Set up Passcode lock on Apple Watch using the My Watch app on iPhone

To make the security feature less annoying during everyday use, also enable Unlock with iPhone option, which will keep your Watch unlocked for as long as you’re wearing it. As soon as it’s removed from your wrist, like in a scenario in which someone steals it, the Watch will be locked until you ever the correct four-digit PIN.

In case you want to even further, you can also enable the third option on that page: Erase Data will remove all data from the Watch after 10 failed passcode attempts.

Locked Apple Watch with blue lock indicator (left), and Enter Passcode Apple Watch screen (right)

Interestingly, one handy Watch feature lets you locate your missing phone, assuming it’s still present within Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing range. To activate it, simply swipe upwards from the bottom to bring up the Glances menu on the Watch. The first Glances page has four buttons, including Airplane mode, Do Not Disturb mode, and Pinging iPhone (the large button on the bottom in the image below). Press the latter, and a loud sound will play from the iPhone’s speakers regardless if it’s on silent as long as it’s within range of your Apple Watch.

Find an iPhone connected to Apple Watch

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