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What to watch on Netflix: 10 surprisingly good movies and shows you might’ve missed in September

What To Watch On Netflix Now
  • If you’re looking for great movies to watch on Netflix now, we’ve got you covered.
  • Every month, we dig through Netflix’s catalog of content to come up with 10 surprisingly good movies and TV series that you might have missed.
  • There are plenty of terrific titles included in our September roundup, so definitely scroll through and check them out.

September is a huge month for Netflix, with a whopping 62 different original movies and series set to be released over the course of this month. And that’s just originals! Just some of the highlights debuting in September 2020 include the debut season of Young Wallander, the new Charlie Kaufmann movie I’m Thinking of Ending ThingsAway starring Hillary Swank as an astronaut on the first manned mission to Mars, The Gift season 2, Ratched with Sarah Paulson, Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown and The Devil All the Time starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson.

Needless to say, those are all high-profile releases that you’ve probably already heard of if you’re a Netflix subscriber. Want to check out some lesser-known titles that you might’ve missed from this month along with other recent releases that might’ve flown under your radar? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered right here in this roundup.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil isn’t a new movie and it’s not a Netflix original, but it has definitely flown under the radar for many people. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to watch it soon. This gory comedy is about two vacationing pals who get mistaken for bloodthirsty, murderous hillbillies — it’s hilarious and wonderfully original. It often gets compared to Shaun of the Dead and while it’s not quite the same caliber film, it’s much smarter than you might think at first glance, and it’s a ton of fun. Sadly, it’s leaving Netflix this month, so this is your last chance to enjoy it before it disappears.

Watch Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

The Girl With All the Gifts

Sticking with the horror genre — but this time without the comedy — The Girl With All the Gifts is a fantastic and unique take on a zombie apocalypse movie. Here’s the film’s description: “In the future, a strange fungus has changed nearly everyone into a thoughtless, flesh-eating monster. When a scientist and a teacher find a girl who seems to be immune to the fungus, they all begin a journey to save humanity.”

Watch The Girl With All the Gifts

The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Last Airbender fans will instantly recognize Korra, and now the entire sequel series is FINALLY available to stream on Netflix. If you’ve already seen it, you know you want to rewatch it from start to finish. And if you haven’t already seen it, prepare to be blown away.

Watch The Legend of Korra

Criminal UK

Criminal UK season 2 just arrived on Netflix and fans of the first season will not be disappointed. The series follows a group of detectives in London who interview a new suspect about a new crime in each episode. Anyone who enjoys the crime genre will find it riveting, and season 2 picks up right where the first season left off. Also of note, suspects in season 2 include Kit Harington, Sharon Horgan, and Kunal Nayyar.

Watch Criminal UK

Back to the Future

Okay, there’s definitely nothing surprising about how good Back to the Future is. That said, there’s a whole generation of Netflix subscribers out there who haven’t seen this classic franchise. All three movies were added to Netflix’s catalog in September. If you haven’t seen them, it’s definitely time to remedy that.

Watch Back to the Future


Slasher is basically the Canadian version of American Horror Story. Each new season features a new storyline and new terrors, and you’ll recognize many of the same actors as they appear in new roles.

Watch Slasher

The NeverEnding Story

A young child’s imagination is transformed into a vivid reality in this fantastic 1984 classic. It just hit Netflix along with the sequel last month, and it’s definitely worth a rewatch for nostalgia alone. And if you’re too young to remember this awesome fantasy flick, you’ll finally understand what that hilarious scene was about in Stranger Things season 3.

Watch The NeverEnding Story

Pineapple Express

This pioneer of the stoner action genre is beloved by all who have seen it. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. Now.

Watch Pineapple Express

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is hardly a little-known movie, but it is surprisingly good if you saw the second movie in the series. Good lord, was Hannibal a train wreck or what? Red Dragon redeemed the franchise and it’s now available to stream on Netflix.

Watch Red Dragon

Night On Earth

You know those awesome nature shows narrated by David Attenborough that are packed with shockingly stunning footage you can’t look away from? Well this is Netflix’s version, and it’s awesome.

Watch Night On Earth

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