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Thor: Love and Thunder’s shocking post-credits scene cameo just leaked

Updated Jul 7th, 2022 9:43AM EDT
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) exploring retirement in first Love and Thunder trailer
Image: Marvel Studios

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One of the great things about Thor: Love and Thunder is that the plot, post-credits scenes, and cameo surprises didn’t leak early and spoil everything. Instead, spoiler fans only got these details in the past few days from people who attended the film’s red carpet premiere.

Since then, we saw Love and Thunder’s full plot leak, including the post-credits scenes. But even the plot leaks were very blunt, sticking to the main events of the movie. As for the post-credits scenes, we only got written descriptions, not actual video clips.

But now one of those post-credits has leaked online in video form, and we can confirm one of the biggest cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder. Of course, big spoilers will follow below. If you want to be surprised, you should avoid all Love and Thunder reports this week.

Thor: Love and Thunder spoiler-free review

Whether or not you can still find the Love and Thunder post-credits cameo on social media, you should know that reviews are already pouring in. That should tide you over until the Love and Thunder premiere on Friday. Not to mention that the movie will start playing as early as Wednesday night in some markets.

With that in mind, you can read BGR’s spoiler-free Thor: Love and Thunder review and find out how good Taika Waititi’s new MCU movie is, without risking any spoilers.

Also, this is your last chance to avoid the post-credits scenes spoilers below.

Miek in a suit, scribbling the speech Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gives in a new Thor: Love and Thunder promo clip.
Miek in a suit, scribbling the speech Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gives in a new Thor: Love and Thunder promo clip. Image source: Marvel Studios

The post-credits scenes

Thor: Love and Thunder will have two post-credits scenes, the recent leaks said. And one of those reports even teased the surprise in these scenes. Let’s revisit them:

-First Post Credit Scene is the Hercules one. Zeus sends Hercules (presumably [Brett] Goldstein) to kill Thor (who is with Gorr’s daughter now). Hercules is wearing basically nothing, and has only one line. This scene is setting up a sequel of some sort.

-Second scene is Heimdall in a white and gray robe welcoming Jane to Valhalla.

Heimdall, played by Idris Elba in previous Thor and Avengers movies, stands out immediately. He died in Infinity War, so his reappearance signals the possibility of resurrection down the road.

But now that the Zeus scene has leaked, the Hercules detail is all the more interesting. That’s because we can finally see the actor playing Hercules, and it’s quite an exciting development.

A surprised and excited Thor (Chris Hemsworth) foolishly believing he can get Mjolnir back.
A surprised and excited Thor (Chris Hemsworth) foolishly believing he can get Mjolnir back.

Thor: Love and Thunder surprise cameo confirmed

Brett Goldstein is famous for his Roy Kent role in Apple TV’s critically acclaimed Ted Lasso show. Hopefully, the actor will bring the same intensity to the Hercules role in the MCU.

That’s because the first Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene leaked on social media, confirming this amazing cameo.

As detailed before, the post-credits scene is a dialogue between an injured Zeus and Hercules. Redditors have transcribed the exchange, and it goes like this:

Zeus: They beg you for mercy without ever knowing if you’re listening. Now, they look to the sky – they don’t ask us for lightning, they don’t ask us for rain. They just want to see one of their so called super heroes. When did we become the joke? No…no, they will fear us again when [inaudible] falls from the sky.

Do you understand me, Hercules? Do you understand me my son?

Hercules: [stands from kneeling position]: Yes, Father. [swings golden mace into his hand as he poses]

Goldstein is absent from view for most of the scene. The camera focuses on Russell Crowe’s mobster-like monologue before revealing the cameo surprise. It really feels like Zeus is a bad guy in this movie. But, thankfully, he did not die by the end of it, as we had suspected.

What’s important here is that Goldstein is playing Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder, just as rumors suggested. And he might soon be going after Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in what would be an amazing Thor 5 movie.

Zeus (Russell Crowe) holding a thunderbolt weapon in his right hand in teaser trailer.
Zeus (Russell Crowe) holding a thunderbolt weapon in his right hand in teaser trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

Where to watch the leaked post-credits scene

With that in mind, we can’t wonder what Ted Lasso actor will cameo in MCU post-credits scenes next. We already had Cristo Fernandez, who plays Dany Rojas in the TV show, show up in the No Way Home post-credits. Maybe Nick Mohammed should be next. That way, he could be a proper villain.

That said, we won’t show you this Thor: Love and Thunder cameo. But you can find the post-credits scene on social media exactly where you expect to see it. But the videos are deleted quite fast.

Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) closeup.
Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) closeup. Image source: Marvel Studios

The post-credits scenes are real

After all these leaks dropped online in the days preceding the premiere, a blog confirmed they were genuine and provided ample details about them. Per Fiction Horizon’s account, the reason why Zeus is injured concerns an earlier fight in the movie.

Thor seemingly kills Zeus after the latter refuses to help them form an army to fight Gorr. It’s not just that, as Zeus actually attacks Thor and his friends.

That’s how Valkyrie ends up with Zeus’s Lightning Bolt in the trailer. Thor also uses the weapon in some of the more recent clips.

The blog also confirms that Brett Goldstein is one of the surprise cameos in the post-credits scenes. The other, of course, is Idris Elba’s Heimdall, welcoming Jane to Valhalla.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Korg (Taika Waititi) in Thor: Love and Thunder trailer 2.
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Korg (Taika Waititi) in Thor: Love and Thunder trailer 2.

Thor: Love and Thunder clips leak online

The highly-anticipated movie debuted on Wednesday in various markets, with another round of previews to kick off on Thursday night in additional countries. As a result, clips from Love and Thunder have started leaking online from moviegoers who went to one of these previews.

Like the leaked post-credits scenes, these videos do not last long on social media, as Marvel and Disney take down most of them. But a simple search on YouTube might help you surface various bits and pieces from Love and Thunder. You might score crowd reactions to some of the exciting moments in the movie, as well as big plot reveals.

Put differently, you can expect an avalanche of Love and Thunder clips online in the coming days, including plenty of videos showing the two post-credits scenes.

This article was originally published on July 4th, 2022, and has since been updated with additional information.

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