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‘The Witcher’ soundtrack – with that song you can’t get out of your head – arrives Friday

Published Jan 22nd, 2020 2:35PM EST
The Witcher
Image: Netflix

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Some of the biggest, most blockbuster original streaming TV series that have launched in recent months have found themselves accruing fame and fandom around idiosyncracies within the shows that have gone on to eclipse the shows themselves. Think, Baby Yoda for Disney+’s The Mandalorian. And when it comes to Netflix’s The Witcher — the fantasy series starring Henry Cavill which the streamer said this week was bigger than any show it’s ever done before —  even if you haven’t watched it, you’re probably aware of … that song. The one that lodges itself deep in your brain, the wormiest of earworms … the song that, even now, you’re probably already singing to yourself. You can’t help it. It’s almost like Yennefer herself cast a spell around that line about tossing a coin to your witcher, because it’s so frustratingly catchy.

While Disney+ is slowly playing catchup regarding the massive interest in Baby Yoda merchandise, Netflix is finally ready to capitalize on one of the most viral elements of The Witcher.  Thus, the show’s official soundtrack, at last, arrives on Friday, coming to a streaming platform near you.

Ahead of the soundtrack’s full availability, you can actually go ahead and stream Toss A Coin To Your Witcher right now:

Here’s the soundtrack’s listing on Amazon, which is showing a price of $9.99 if you want to buy it outright. The album, titled The Witcher (Music from the Netflix Original Series), was arranged by producer Sonya Belousova and composer Giona Ostinelli, and the full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Geralt of Rivia
  2. Toss A Coin To Your Witcher
  3. Happy Childhoods Make For Dull Company
  4. The Time of Axe and Sword Is Now
  5. They’re Alive
  6. Tomorrow I’ll Leave Blaviken For Good
  7. Her Sweet Kiss
  8. It’s an Ultimatum
  9. Round of Applause
  10. Marilka That’s My Name
  11. I’m Helping the Idiot
  12. The Knight Who Was Taught to Save Dragons
  13. Ragamuffin
  14. The Last Rose of Cintra
  15. Late Wee Pups Don’t Get to Bark
  16. You Will Rule This Land Someday
  17. The Fishmonger’s Daughter
  18. Blaviken Inn
  19. Man in Black
  20. The Great Cleansing
  21. The Law of Surprise
  22. Battle of Marnadal
  23. Pretty Ballads Hide Bastard Truths
  24. Giltine the Artist
  25. Everytime You Leave
  26. Rewriting History
  27. The End’s Beginning
  28. Gold Dragons Are the Rarest
  29. Bonfire
  30. Children Are Our Favorite
  31. Do You Actually Have What It Takes
  32. Point Me to Temeria
  33. Djinni Djinn Djinn
  34. Here’s Your Destiny
  35. Two Vows Here Tonight
  36. Bread, Breasts and Beer
  37. Would You Honor Me With a Dance
  38. Four Marks
  39. The Pensive Dragon Inn
  40. A Gift for the Princess
  41. You’re in Brokilon Forest
  42. Today Isn’t Your Day Is It
  43. Lovely Rendez-vous à la Montagne
  44. Blame Destiny
  45. The White Flame Has Brought Us Together
  46. He’s One of the Clean Ones
  47. You Lost Your Chance to Be Beautiful
  48. Yennefer of Vengerberg
  49. Shouldn’t You Know When Someone Is Pretending
  50. You’ll Have to Fight It Until Dawn
  51. I’m the One with the Wishes
  52. Chaos Is All Around Us
  53. The Curse of the Black Sun
  54. Battle of Sodden
  55. The Song of the White Wolf
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