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A plot leak from an exciting new Avenger movie might have some big spoilers

Published May 7th, 2021 3:41PM EDT
Marvel Movies
Image: Marvel Studios

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Thor: Love and Thunder

will be the fourth installment in the Thor franchise, extending the series beyond most of the trilogies that have been established in the MCU so far. Only Avengers went to a fourth episode with Endgame, and the franchise is expected to deliver additional epic crossovers in the future. The MCU’s Spider-Man is also likely to continue beyond No Way Home, according to reports. But Chris Hemsworth is about to do something the other iconic Avengers actors have not pulled off. He’s about the headline his fourth movie, which could very well be his last.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. retired from their iconic roles and the MCU is ready to replace them. We already have a new Captain America, and Ironheart will be the obvious successor to Iron Man. Thor 4 will tell the story of how Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) becomes Mighty Thor, which seems to imply that Hemsworth’s Thor might be going away.

That’s all speculation based on what Marvel announced so far about the movie, however. Whatever Marvel does with this beloved superhero in Thor 4, we at least know that the film is in good hands. The same Taika Waititi who directed Ragnarok is in charge of Love and Thunder, so we have high expectations for it. And while we have to wait another year to see what Thor 4 is about and how it fits into the grand scheme of things, we already have a possible leak that details the purported plot of the film. Mind you, massive spoilers might lie ahead so stop reading right now if you want the movie to be a surprise.

A person who seems to be a disgruntled Marvel employee took to 4chan to allegedly spoil the film’s plot. “I was told I would be given a permanent role in Marvel Studios but they decided to revoke my contract so f*** em. I worked full time on this movie as a Key PA,” the person wrote. He or she then posted what may be some of the key plot details from Thor: Love and Thunder.

The leak follows below as posted on 4chan — we’ve only added the names of the actors playing each character for clarity:

1. Gorr the God Butcher [Christian Bale] kills Korg [Taika Waititi] and quite a few Asgardians (on Earth). Valkyrie [Tessa Thompson] is severely wounded and not seen again until the end of the movie. Gorr leaves when he discovers Thor is no longer on the planet.

2. I am also pretty sure Gorr kills Russell Crow’s Zeus or we are to presume he is dead.

3. The beginning of the movie shows Gorr killing Thor (we then find out he is an alternate Thor from a different universe). Mjolnir then shoots off into a wormhole and Gorr follows. The Multiverse is a big deal in this movie as well.

4. A few surviving Greek Gods team up with Thor to fight off Gorr who easily defeats them all. They are minor Gods. Hercules is mentioned but not with this crew. Thor is rescued by the [Guardians of the Galaxy] with Jane [Natalie Portman] carrying Mjolnir and [having] all the power of the MV Thor. I have literally no idea how she goes from Earth to being with the GOTG. Gorr injures Star Lord [Chris Pratt] (not badly but he is knocked out).

5. Sif [Jaimie Alexander] sacrifices herself for Jane when the two of them are fighting Gorr.

6. There is a fight scene with Thor and Hercules over both being very childish about something. It’s more comical than dramatic. Drax [Dave Bautista] bets on Hercules while Rocket [Bradley Cooper] bets on Thor.

7. Thor, Jane Thor, Hercules and Valkyrie all fight Gorr. He loses and then runs away. I would assume he will return again.

8. Thor decides to stay with his people on Earth and invites the surviving Greek Gods to live with them as well. Jane stays with Thor but Valkyrie remains Queen.

As with other Marvel leaks, there’s no way to tell whether any of the details above are accurate, so handle them accordingly. Considering that No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will explore the multiverse, it makes sense to see the same general theme appear in Thor 4.

We already know that Christian Bale will play the main villain in the film, and Gorr might turn out to be a great recurring character in the MCU, assuming Marvel plans to use it for more than one movie. We’ve also seen plenty of reports about the Love and Thunder cast, suggesting that Russell Crowe will play Zeus in the film and that the Guardians will also appear, which makes plenty of sense. Not to mention all the other crazy cameos rumored for the film.

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres on May 6th, according to Marvel’s current Phase 4 release schedule.

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