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This $24 screwdriver set might be the last one you ever need

Published Jun 30th, 2022 10:58AM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Have you ever heard of a tool brand called Nanch? It’s obviously not as big as companies like Craftsman and Black & Decker. But over the years, BGR Deals readers have grown to love this specialized tool maker. As a matter of fact, it’s not just our readers who have made Nanch a top screwdriver brand. The company definitely offers some of the best screwdriver sets on Amazon.

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Nanch has essentially become synonymous with high-quality multi-piece tool sets. The company’s tools feature surprisingly good construction at prices that are so low that they often seem like mistakes.

Nanch’s screwdriver sets have helped to unclutter thousands upon thousands of our readers’ toolboxes over the years. And the company’s best-sellers are getting more and more popular by the day.

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Each and every new product that the company releases ends up finding new ways to improve upon earlier models, which is impressive since those earlier models are already so great. And there’s no question that’s the case with the new Nanch H8 22-in-1 precision screwdriver set.

The previous model is still among the best screwdriver sets we’ve ever tested. But the updated version is somehow even better — and it’s only $23.99 on Amazon!

Our favorite Screwdriver set on Amazon

Nanch’s H8 22-in-1 precision screwdriver set

features an even better design than the model it replaces, and the construction is still just as solid as it was before.

This set uses S2 steel bits with a hardness rating of HRC 58-62. Plus, they have a special treatment that prevents rusting. Also of note, these bits are all magnetized. That way, you won’t lose anything when you’re working with tiny screws.

This new H8 model is so impressive that it already has about 3,000 4-star and 5-star ratings on Amazon. And that’s in spite of the fact that it’s just a few months old. The refreshed handle design fits comfortably in your palm and the end swivels smoothly for effortless turning.

For working on anything that has small screws like smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers, this set is perfect.

The Nanch H8 22-in-1 precision screwdriver set was already a bargain at its old retail price of $28. As a matter of fact, there might not be a better value on Amazon in the tool section. Today, however, a new lower MSRP cuts the price to $21.99. You already have all the large screwdrivers you’ll ever need.

Now, everything in your home with tiny screws will be covered by this awesome screwdriver set on Amazon. Plus, there’s a new bigger version with 55 bits that only costs $45.99!

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Nanch H8 fast facts

The Nanch H8 22-in-1 precision screwdriver set is our favorite screwdriver set on Amazon. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Nanch’s H8 22-in-1 screwdriver set includes 22 magnetic screwdriver bits
  • Don’t worry because the bits aren’t over-magnetized, so they won’t damage small electronics
  • All bits are made from S2 steel alloy with a hardness rating of HRC 58-62
  • Special anti-rust treatment ensures that this set stays free of any rusting
  • Ergonomic screwdriver handle is comfortable yet durable, with a special grip surface to prevent slipping
  • Perfect for performing repairs on all sorts of electronics and more, such as laptops, smartphones, computers, watches, eyeglasses, toys, video game consoles, and more
  • 2-year warranty
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