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Best AT&T iPhone deals for November 2022

Published Nov 11th, 2022 12:30AM EST
Image: AT&T

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Are you looking for the best deal for a new iPhone? Then you probably are trying to compare service deals. Some amazing deals are happening with AT&T for even the newest iPhones, the iPhone 14 series.

AT&T has juicy deals that are especially good if you add new lines, trade in a phone, or are in the process of switching carriers. These offers will help you save hundreds of dollars on the retail price of a new phone. Some of these offers could even get you your dream phone for free!

With these jaw-dropping phone deals, you can save nearly a thousand dollars on your next purchase.

Best AT&T Apple iPhone deal overall (biggest savings): Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with trade-in

iPhone-14-pro, best at&t iPhone deals

AT&T is offering new and existing customers the iPhone 14 Pro for just $5.56 and the Pro Max for $8.34 per month with an eligible trade-in. Yes, you read that right! With a trade-in rebate, this deal would help you get about $800 off the original prices of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This deal comes with signing up for an unlimited plan, so design your budget properly before diving into it.

The 36-month installment plan via bill credits would avail you of other features from AT&T, asides from owning one of the latest iPhone devices with no down payment.

Who qualifies?

This premium deal from AT&T is only offered to new and existing customers who pick or switch to a new unlimited data plan with an eligible trade-in device.

Why we love it

You’re basically getting the new Apple flagship iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, almost for free.

Most popular AT&T iPhone 14 deal: iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone-14, at&t iPhone 14 deals

AT&T’s iPhone 14 deal initially began with the standard iPhone 14 but has spread to the iPhone 14 Plus. This iPhone 14 Plus deal comes with a maximum trade-in option of up to $800, or you can get it for $2.78 per month with an eligible trade-in.

For the iPhone 14, interested buyers must subscribe to the eligible unlimited data plan. The trade-in rebate is absolutely worth it, as it would cover the cost of the iPhone 14 if you are eligible, meaning you’ll get it for free.

Who qualifies?

This amazing deal from AT&T is only offered to new and existing customers that pick or switch to a new unlimited data plan and trade in an eligible device.

Why we love it

With a trade-in deal, you get a free iPhone 14 and a huge discount on the iPhone 14 Plus plus bill credits for over 36 months of an installment plan.

Best AT&T iPhone 13 deal: iPhone 13, no trade-in required!

If you do not have a highly valued device for a trade-in and would still love to snag one of these great deals, this is your chance. With the AT&T iPhone 13 phone deals, you can get an iPhone 13 for as low as $15 per month. No trade-in is required and 36 months of installment payments are added to your bill.

Who qualifies?

Those who qualify for this are new or existing customers who pick or switch to an eligible unlimited plan.

Why we picked it

Getting the still-trending iPhone 13 device without trade-ins, with a very flexible installment plan and amazing delivery options, is simply outstanding.

13-pro-maxImage source: AT&T

AT&T has made getting an iPhone 13 Pro Max more flexible with the no trade-in required, excellent promotion deal. Although you must choose an unlimited data plan, this deal will help you gain more than other discount plans.

The 36-month grace period makes it easier and more flexible to pay up. There’s also a $7+ discount after completing the payment.

The 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max attracts just a $25 per month fee. If you’re stuck between two opinions, remember that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has an adorable, durable design with the best battery life ever in an iPhone. The iPhone 13 Pro is just $15 per month.

Who qualifies?

Old or new iPhone users that pick or switch to an unlimited starter plan are qualified for this option.

Why we picked it

This plan helps you get the expensive but feature-packed, high-performance Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max without breaking the bank.

Best iPhone SE (2022) deal: Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen (2022)

iPhone-SE-3rd-Gen-2022, best at&t iPhone dealsImage source: AT&T

The powerful iPhone SE is worth noting, considering its sturdy design, high-performance features and battery life, and 5G capabilities. Unlike plans from other carriers, AT&T’s iPhone SE option is perhaps the most budget-friendly. The carrier is giving away this slightly cheaper iPhone for just $11.95 per month without needing a trade-in.

Who qualifies?

Individuals who purchase the iPhone SE and either activate or maintain eligible postpaid unlimited wireless plans qualify for this option.

Why we picked it

The iPhone SE is powered by the same A15 Bionic chip that the iPhone 13 uses. Although it is not as powerful as the iPhone 13 series, it still packs a heavy punch. We believe you would enjoy an alternate iPhone 13 experience using the iPhone SE (2022) because it’s the first SE compatible with 5G connectivity. 

Best AT&T Accessory deals

Apple Watch (Apple Watch Ultra 49mm)

Asides from its phone trade options, AT&T has a fashionable collection of wearables that might pique your interest. Some of these wearables can land you a gigantic $300+ discount bundle on a second device.

Individuals who wish to qualify for this plan must purchase two devices and activate them on an unlimited data plan, one of which must be on a new line.


I don’t have an old phone to trade in. Can I still get a deal?

Yes, you can. AT&T has various deals you can benefit from that do not require trade-in. However, this may depend on the device’s eligibility.

Who has installment plans for iPhones?

The big three carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) offer installment plans for iPhones.

How many phones can we trade-in?

You can trade in as many phones as you wish to, as long as they are in useable condition and meet the trade-in demands.

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