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Were you a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza fan? Then mark this date on your calendar

Published Apr 3rd, 2022 9:12AM EDT
Taco Bell exterior
Image: Joshua Blanchard/Taco Bell

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We’re still waiting on official confirmation from Taco Bell that the fan-favorite Mexican Pizza is coming back, a rumor that caused the Internet to promptly freak out and set Twitter alight. I also want to get out of the way, right from the outset, that a Taco Bell spokesperson told me on Friday that they still have no official news along these lines to share. And now that we’ve dispensed with those caveats — if you’re among the Mexican Pizza fans who can’t wait to get your hands on one of these delicious entrees again?

Here’s the date I would mark on your calendar if I was you: May 19.

Is the Mexican Pizza coming back?

At this point, based on the available signs so far? I’m 80-90 percent on May 19 being the date when one of two things could happen. Either the Mexican Pizza returns that day, or that’s the day when Taco Bell will announce the return.

First of all, before we get into why, some background:

According to the food news website Mashed, it’s not just that Taco Bell is definitely bringing the old version of the Mexican Pizza back. The chain is also apparently planning to breathe new life into it. “Rumor has it that a range of new and improved versions will be on the menu,” the site reports. “Including a ‘double cheesy’ version, one that includes spicy chorizo, and another with bacon/ranch influences. A dessert option may also make an appearance.”

Via Instagram, we also learned from a popular food blogger that Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is returning either this month or in May.

Taco Bell rumors

Meanwhile, these are also unconfirmed but several people have been sharing images on social media which reveal that they’re able to use the Taco Bell app to select a Mexican Pizza now, but they’re not able to complete the order. As if the option hasn’t been fully turned back on yet.

According to the Taco Bell fan site, sources claim that a return of the Mexican Pizza is already a done deal. And that it’s even being talked about as such inside the fast-food chain. One of the site’s sources has said that the date is not definite, but the actual return itself is. The only holdup currently seems to be getting the supply chain back in place.

Other piecemeal clues pointing to this same thing include the tease from Taco Bell itself that you can see above. It hints that something “saucy” is coming on May 19. Note: That “saucy” verbiage could also point to something else that’s been rumored about the Mexican Pizza. Specifically, it’s the rumor that a Spicy BBQ variant is coming, too.

This Reddit thread is also worth perusing, as well.

Again, neither the return itself nor a date has been officially confirmed by Taco Bell. All of the above merely amounts to a compendium of signs and anecdotal evidence that point to the strong likelihood of the return. This is why we say: Keep an eye on May 19.

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