Having an older pet can be difficult for both parties. For the owner, it’s having to see your lifelong companion struggle to do the things they used to, and for the pet, it’s the struggle itself. Luckily, you can make things easier for both you and your animal with a set of pet stairs. These convenient stairs are a great way to keep your aging animal from exerting themselves too much when they’re hopping up on the couch, bed, etc. These ultra-effective steps can help in preserving your pet’s aging body, preventing future injuries from occurring, and keeping your furniture relatively scratch-free for the long haul. And even if your pet is still in the prime of his or her life, it wouldn’t hurt to get them an easy access point to one of their favorite spots in the house. They might be more of a luxury than an absolute necessity, but we’d like to think that your dog or cat would thank you for it (if they spoke). Either way, here are some of the best pet stairs for older cats and dogs.

Best Pet Stairs for Small Dogs

For smaller dogs that need a few extra steps to get onto your bed — and take your spot in the process — the PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs is a great option. This animal-sized staircase is surprisingly lightweight, weighing around five pounds, but that doesn’t take away from its sturdiness and overall strength. While it is better for smaller animals, it can support bigger dogs up to 150 lbs. But it is designed with small and medium dogs in mind, as the tread and spacing size make these stairs easy and comfortable. It’s also essentially slip-proof, as the ladder’s built-in side rails and non-skid feet give your dog or cat increased stability and footing. This allows them to trust the ladder and use it without hesitation. From a storage standpoint, this staircase is the best, as it can fold up and be placed under your bed or couch. Plus, it’s durable enough to be used almost anywhere.

Best Pet Stairs for Cats

Cats are a little sprier than dogs, especially when factoring in their jumping ability, so a traditional pet staircase isn’t necessarily the best option. For cats that can still get up there, the Aeromark International Armarkat Pet Steps Stairs Ramp is a must-have. It essentially combines the design of a classic cat tower with a set of pet steps/ramp. On the inside, it’s made with super durable, pressed wood that’s firm enough to support your animal, and on the outside, faux fleece that is soft to the touch and comfortable for cats. With dimensions of 25″ H x 17″ W, it’s not huge, but the steps are far enough apart for cats to jump on like pedestals. Its maximum holding weight is actually 70 lbs, so you could have smaller and some medium-sized dogs use it, but it’s basically designed with cats in mind. After all, they might not be able to tell it apart from their own scratching post.

Best Pet Stairs for Any Size Pet

The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet is a two-step set of pet stairs that works well for pets of all shapes and sizes. Like the first set of steps we looked at from PetSafe, these can fit dogs up to 150 lbs. But what makes them better for large dogs are the wider and deeper steps that are more convenient for bigger pooches. The top step contains 12.25 inches of step depth while the second step contains 11.5 inches, providing large and stable areas for your dogs. Smaller dogs will have a bit more trouble with the bigger, two-step design, however, so we’d recommend this size for medium to large-sized dogs. The staircase itself snaps together easily, making installation quick and safe. The grippers on the bottom of the steps keep the steps secure and in place for your pooch, while each step features a comfortable carpet tread for additional grip. The carpet tread is also completely removable for easy cleaning.