For as often as detractors like to categorize Tesla as a flash in the pan with no long-term prospects for success, the electric automaker has made a habit of proving those naysayers wrong. While Tesla’s ability to sell cars has never been an issue, the company’s ability to actually turn a profit has long been called into question. Recently, though, Tesla surprised almost everyone when the company posted a quarterly profit of $342 million when most analysts were anticipating a steep quarterly loss.

During the ensuing earnings conference call, Musk couldn’t help but heap praise on the company’s upcoming Model Y, a crossover version of Tesla’s immensely popular Model 3. Notably, Musk said that the Model Y may arrive sooner than anticipated given that production may commence by summer of 2020.

Recently, a Model Y prototype was spotted driving along a highway in California and provides us with a clearer view of the vehicle’s size. As evidenced via the video below, you can see the Model Y driving next to a Model 3, which provides us with a good sense of scale. Notably, the Model Y appears to be significantly taller than the Model 3.

If Tesla manages to release the Model Y on schedule, it will be interesting to see how well it sells. Suffice it to say, Tesla has extremely high expectations, with Musk recently claiming that the Model Y could easily become Tesla’s most popular vehicle.

“I’ve actually recently driven the Model Y release candidate, and I think it’s going to be an amazing product and very well received,” Musk said last week. “I think it’s quite likely it will — and this just my opinion — outsell the S, X, and 3 combined.”