Upgrade your phone and get unlimited data in one of T-Mobile’s best deals of 2018 – BGR
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T-Mobile is launching what it says is one of its best deals of 2018 this Friday for everyone who’s ready to trade-in their phone for a flashier handset — and get some extras in the process.

Here’s the rundown: You bring in your current phone to any T-Mobile store. Depending on the condition and model, you could get up to $360 via bill credits toward the purchase of a new device. That’s credit you can apply to the purchase of basically every major smartphone the carrier has, anything from a new iPhone XS to the LG V40 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If you qualify for T-Mobile’s new 36-month Equipment Installment Plan, again depending on the model, that’s as little as $10 a month for a new smartphone. And there’s more.

This deal looks even more attractive when you add four lines of T-Mobile Essentials, which would give you four new phones and unlimited data for $40 per line per month with autopay. The Un-carrier says its T-Mobile ONE deal, meanwhile, is its most popular plan option and can especially sweeten its offer that starts Friday for a family of four. From the company’s announcement: “T-Mobile ONE includes all the extras — the industry’s best travel benefits, a personal Team of Experts for all your customer care needs, Netflix included for families, unlimited mobile hotspot and so much more. Starting Friday, well-qualified customers with trade-in and T-Mobile’s new 36-month EIP can get 4 lines of T-Mobile ONE and four new phones for as little as $50 a month per line with autopay.”

T-Mobile Essentials is the plan for users who want just basics like unlimited talk, text and smartphone data in the US for $30 per line for a family of four with autopay. Starting Friday, qualified customers with a trade-in and T-Mobile’s new 36-month EIP can get four lines of unlimited T-Mobile Essentials and four new phones for as little as $40 a month per line with autopay.

T-Mobile is also offering members of the military, their families and small businesses a deal that includes half-off family lines.

“Everyone knows we’ve got America’s fastest 4G LTE network and now we’ve got some of the best deals of the year on new smartphones,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere in a statement about the new deal. “We’re not messing around. Forty dollars a month will only get you data on Dumb and Dumber’s congested networks. At T-Mobile, $40 a month will get you a hot new smartphone AND unlimited, so you can unleash everything that new phone is capable of doing!”