An Uber driver shot and killed a passenger while the two were in the vehicle on Interstate 25 early Friday morning. According to Denver7 News, the shooting took place at 3 AM in Denver, Colorado. Police say the driver shot an adult male passenger multiple times following an altercation of unknown nature within the car. The driver then called 911 to report the shooting, and although officers attempted to perform CPR at the scene, the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. Neither the driver nor the passenger have been identified to this point.

“We do know this person was an Uber driver,” Denver PD’s Sonny Jackson told KUSA-TV. “We’re going to determine if he was actually on a ride when this happened. We’re going to determine what the relationship was between what appears to be a passenger and a driver prior to this particular ride. That’s the one thing I would stress anyone that was on the highway at this time… if they saw a conflict going on inside this vehicle please let us know.”

Uber offered the following statement to multiple news outlets regarding the incident on Friday:

We are all deeply troubled by the events in Denver today. Our thoughts are with the families of those involved, and we will continue working closely with police.

The driver was taken to the hospital as well, where he was treated and released. Due to the fact that no one has been arrested and no charges have been filed, the driver has yet to be named, but the driver’s mother told 9NEWS that he is “a husband, a father, a college student,” and that he has a concealed carry permit.