A new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily (via Barrons) suggests that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be the monster hit Apple needs to help worried analysts forget about the current lull in iPhone 6s sales. According to the report, Apple has already asked component suppliers to prepare for a production target in the 72 to 78 million range, making it the “highest production target in about two years.”

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By way of contrast, Wall Street had been anticipating iPhone 7 production to fall in the 65 million range. That being the case, and assuming that this tidbit of information from the rumor mill is accurate, iPhone 7 sales may be as much as 20% higher than anticipated. More than that, the iPhone 7 stands a good chance of becoming the most popular smartphone Apple has ever released.

Indeed, it’s been a rather busy week for iPhone 7 rumors over the past few days. Following up on a report that Apple may release three distinct iPhone 7 models this year, we’ve seen a number of interesting leaks hit the web over the last 48 hours. While a peculiar rumor pointed to the iPhone 7 housing 4 separate speaker grilles, a more believable leak from earlier today provides us with our best look yet at what the iPhone 7 will look like.

Additionally, we’ve seen reports that the iPhone 7 will be the first iPhone to come with a 256GB storage option. Other iPhone 7 rumors have pointed to a waterproof design, wireless charging, and of course, the removal of the tried and true 3.5mm headphone jack.