Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump had a big win in the New York Republican primaries this week, but that doesn’t mean he felt the need to book an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. No worries, however, because Colbert brought back Cartoon Donald Trump to be a sufficiently entertaining — and overall more coherent and articulate — substitute.

This week, The Stephen and The Cartoon Donald discussed what he would do if there was a contested Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer and he had to compete with Senator Ted Cruz to win over reluctant delegates. The answer was obvious: Bribes, bribes, bribes.

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When asked by Colbert what would happen if other candidates tried to bribe Trump’s delegates, he welcomed the challenge.

“Bring it! Nobody can beat me at toys!” the foul-mouthed cartoon responded. “I’m talking jets, bouncy castles, all-you-can-eat shrimp.”

Colbert followed up by asking what if Cruz outspends him.

“I’d like to see him try because the forecast calls for… rain, baby!” said the cartoon just as he proceeded to make it rain money. “Rain! Partly cloudy with a chance of Ben Franklins… oh, and Harriet Tubman, black people love me.”

Check out the whole clip below.

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