Ahh, Nintendo’s Power Glove. I have never seen teens more excited to try something in one of The Fine Bros’ videos. I have also never seen teens more disappointed in something once they actually tried it. At the time it came out, Nintendo’s Power Glove was an exciting motion-based controller that added a whole new dimension to video games. But in hindsight, of course, it was terrible and counterintuitive.

Now, we get to enjoy watching modern-day teens relive the frustration we all experienced decades ago.

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The reaction videos that The Fine Bros put together are always great, and this latest one is particularly awesome because it’s such a roller coaster ride. The teens in the video are beyond excited when they first see the Power Glove, and one even remarks that coupling a device like the Power Glove with the Oculis Rift would be amazing.

Then… they try it.

This video is hilarious, and it’s embedded below.