It’s still up for debate whether EA took anything away from being named the worst company in America for two years straight, but the company’s victory (?) lap is finally ending. Consumerist has revealed that EA lost out to Time Warner Cable in the first round of voting for this year’s ‘Worst Company in America’ bracket, forcing video game fans to direct their rage elsewhere for the remainder of the competition.

It was a close call — EA raked in 48.8% of the vote while TWC managed to edge out the victory with 51.2%, but there’s no doubt that both were deserving competitors.

Jokes aside, this silly, cynical exercise that Consumerist has perpetuated year after year genuinely has the potential to draw attention to some of the worst offenders in corporate America, from the private information invaders at Facebook to the greedy suits that run Walmart.

Unfortunately, EA’s mildly irksome microtransactions and botched video game launches somehow trumped legitimate corporate terror for the past two years. Now we’ll finally have a chance to shout at a much more deserving offender when the competition ends in the next few weeks.

Worst Company in America 2014

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