If you know a family member who wants a smartphone this Christmas but you don’t know what specific brand, your safest bet is to buy them an iPhone 5AppleInsider points us to a new Piper Jaffray survey of 800 people in the United States that finds that the iPhone 5 is the top choice for holiday shoppers who want to buy a smartphone. Overall, the survey found that 53.3% of prospective smartphone buyers planned to get an iPhone, while 35.3% of buyers wanted an Android device, 6.5% wanted a Windows Phone device and 4.9% wanted a BlackBerry device. The good news for Apple (AAPL) in the survey is that interest in the iPhone 5 hasn’t tailed off much since its launch, as the current percentage of people wanting an iPhone 5 is down only slightly from the 54.9% of people who said they wanted the device in October.