There are plenty of reasons for savvy iPhone users to jailbreak their handsets, the most obvious of which is access to applications that provide functionality beyond what is allowed by Apple. The third-party app store is packed with hundreds of terrific unsanctioned apps and now that the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken, there is a new wave of utilities we can look forward to: Siri tweaks. Two of the first apps to hit Cydia that extend the capabilities of Apple’s digital personal assistant are VoiceUtils and SiriToggles, and both apps add sought after new functionality that Apple hasn’t yet enabled. VoiceUtils is fairly basic for the time being, allowing users to launch apps, unlock or reboot their iPhones using Siri commands. SiriToggles offers the same features but adds the ability to adjust settings such as screen brightness or toggle things like airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We definitely can’t wait to see what new functionality developers bring to Siri and in the meantime, VoiceUtils and SiriToggles are both free in Cydia.