There are plenty of ways to spend your money on Black Friday, but some people are too lazy to be bothered with trekking out before sunrise and battling mobs of shoppers. Or maybe there are still a few people out there with some self respect. In either case, we have to cherish every opportunity to save some dough this Black Friday that doesn’t involve elbowing 60-year-old women in the jaw. While the words “Apple” and “sale” don’t align as often as most would like, the crew from Cupertino apparently decided to take advantage of the sale craze this year. A teaser is now up on Apple’s site inviting customers to visit the Apple Online Store this Friday for “dozens of great iPad, iPod, and Mac gifts.” We doubt Apple’s deals will be spectacular, but it will be nice to save a few bucks if you were already planning on ordering up some new Apple kit. It all goes down on Friday, November 26th, so get those credit cards ready.