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SEVEN announces Android support

Don’t get us wrong – Android is great. It’s touch-friendly, functional, logical and shows a lot of promise. Truth be told however, it is still in its infancy and has a whole lot >>

Google adds mobile editing capabilities to spreadsheets

Our initial thoughts back when Google first introduced Google Docs for mobiles was, “cool, but where’s the edit button?” It stood to reason that Google would eventually add editing capabilities to its mobile >>

Sneak peek at Android’s upcoming on-screen keyboard

Android G1 users rejoice as an on-screen keyboard is coming your way in January 2009. The recent unveiling of the “cupcake” branch of Android development has revealed that Google has been working on >>

Lenovo shows HTC how to make an Android phone; huh?

No seriously. What would you say if we told you that Lenovo is currently in the testing phase with an Android-powered handset that makes HTC’s G1 look like a first-year design student’s mid-term >>