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New T-Mobile G1 Android “Cupcake” shots and details

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jan 23rd, 2009 1:55PM EST

One of the most hotly anticipated software updates of recent memory (assuming, of course, that we’re not including the search for a stable and efficient BlackBerry Bold OS), is the Cupcake revision of the Android software for the T-Mobile G1. Rumored and confirmed in various capacities for quite some time, we’re now beginning to see further details and screenshots for this major update. Among the big changes include the oft-coveted onscreen virtual keyboard, a task manager, several new minor utility applications, and more. While the big change is obviously the inclusion of the onscreen typing mechanism, the other little changes can’t help but provide a bit more polish to the some of the handset’s rough edges. While we still don’t know exactly when this bad boy will get pushed out to the masses, we’re now hearing that “the end of January” might be a good target date. Seeing as that is roughly…right now, we might see this thing start to hit your friendly neighborhood G1 within the next several days. Then again, another delay wouldn’t be too shocking.


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