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Multi-touch Proof of Concept in the T-Mobile G1

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:08PM EST

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Blogger RyeBrye has put together a nice proof of concept video showing that the G1 does indeed support multitouch input. Earlier this week he was able to turn on multitouch support by hacking the synaptics touchscreen driver and presented debugging logs for the touchscreen that showed that the T-Mobile G1 can indeed track two fingers. As impressive as that is, output from a debugging console just doesn’t set the world on fire. Throw together a video that shows the mulit-touch in action and now you have an eager audience. RyeBrye’s short but sweet video visually demonstrates that the G1 screen is capable of multitouch input. Yes, we know that a series of simultaneous red and yellow dots may not impress hardcore iPhone fanboys who are spoiled with their suite of multitouch gestures. Critics out there need to remember that multitouch is not even an advertised feature of the G1 and that the multitouch demonstrated in the video is just a quick hack to prove the concept – not a full implementation of course. RyeBrye is going to release his source code and leave the refinement and improvement in multitouch to others. We look for good things to come from the G1 community and can’t wait to see what those talented open source developers do with this latest revelation. Hit the jump for the full video.

[via Engadget]



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