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This generative AI game development tool looks absolutely ridiculous

Published Sep 1st, 2023 6:18PM EDT
hiber generative ai game development tool
Image: Hiber / YouTube

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The world of generative AI is getting bigger with every passing day as more developers find new ways to utilize AI prompts. Perhaps one of the most ridiculous I’ve seen so far, though, is Hiber3D, a new tool that uses Google’s generative AI to create entire worlds using simple prompts like you’d see used in ChatGPT.

However, unlike Midjourney and other AI art programs, Hiber3D isn’t just creating a 2D or 3D image. Instead, it’s creating a fully realized game environment. The idea is to make game development easier and faster while also helping cut costs. The reality, though, is that it makes things look absolutely ridiculous.

One of the biggest issues surrounding generative AI is that everyone looks at it as a way to make things easier, and in some ways, it can. But, everyone wants to add that easiness to things that don’t benefit from it.

Take writing, for example; many online content creators are turning to ChatGPT and other AI tools to create content fast, and it isn’t going well. From reports of plagiarism to lengthy rewrites, using AI to replace human imagination and intelligence doesn’t always work out. Now, I’ve spoken in the past about how AI isn’t going to replace online content, and I stand by that. That’s why seeing Hiber3D’s ridiculous AI game development tool has left me shaking my head so hard.

In a YouTube video that showcases the tool, we get to watch as multiple prompts are put into place, creating game worlds based on those prompts. The overall result isn’t terrible – though it lacks a lot of the imagination that human integration would bring to the table. Most of the environments are simple, and they work. But when the developer tries to get more complex, things get out of hand really quickly.

In one of the video’s final moments, we watch as the developer has the AI create a world with a castle. They then add some plants and other things to the world. But when the prompter says to “add defenses,” the AI adds a really wobbly and silly-looking tower shooting lasers from its top. It doesn’t match the rest of the scene’s vibe at all and just shows how difficult it is for generative AI to read the room and pick up on things that humans otherwise would.

“That can be fixed easily, though,” I hear you say. And yeah, you aren’t wrong. But now, generative AI isn’t where it needs to be for things like this to work out. Maybe one day, Hiber’s generative AI development tool will be a great option for budding developers. But until generative AI evolves beyond where it is now, you’re going to have to worry about all the common problems already playing ChatGPT and others like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I see what Hiber3D is going for with this new tool. It’s not meant to replace the development process. It’s meant to work as a brainstorming device. But the overall wackiness of the tool and the way people will no doubt try to abuse it leaves me with little wonder that we’ve seen so much controversy surrounding AI content and its use in the world of content creation.

Josh Hawkins has been writing for over a decade, covering science, gaming, and tech culture. He also is a top-rated product reviewer with experience in extensively researched product comparisons, headphones, and gaming devices.

Whenever he isn’t busy writing about tech or gadgets, he can usually be found enjoying a new world in a video game, or tinkering with something on his computer.