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Tesla Model X has an awesome holiday-themed easter egg

Just when you thought that Tesla’s easter eggs couldn’t get any cooler or more creative, the company comes around with something astounding. Earlier today, word began to spread that Model X drivers can enable a special Christmas-themed surprise by entering a special code.

Once entered, the Model X puts on a special holiday-themed performance, complete with flashing lights, synthesized rock music and choreographed falcon wing doors. The folks over at Drag Times were kind enough to record the absurdly fun show for our collective enjoyment.

For anyone curious as to where the inspiration for Tesla’s most recent easter egg came from, look no further than this classic video.

Tesla’s latest easter egg is simply the latest addition to a growing line of cool easter eggs we’ve seen Elon Musk and co. deliver over the past few months. This past April, for example, Tesla released a great Mario Kart themed easter egg that also payed homage to Saturday Night Live and its famed ‘more cowbell’ sketch.

And in February of last year, the company released a movie oriented easter egg which enabled drivers, via a special Bond-themed code of course, to change the Model S photo in the control panel setting to a Lotus Espirit submarine, which you might recognize as the submarine from the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

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